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How to Use Highnote AI Coach
How to Use Highnote AI Coach

Here’s a quick guide on using our new Highnote AI Coach to create a winning Highnote presentation in a matter of minutes.

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How to use our newest AI Coach feature:

1) After logging in to your Highnote account, click on the Highnote AI on the upper right of your screen. A chat box will open from the bottom right.

2) Click on “Click Me to Get Started.

3) Describe in detail what type of presentation you want to build.

Is it a listing presentation? A presentation on a new city you’re presenting to clients interested in relocating? Be as descriptive as possible, including who the presentation is for and the purpose of the presentation.

For example, type in “Create a listing presentation for a client’s luxury home in Palm Beach, Florida.”

After a few minutes, the Highnote AI Coach will give you a suggested outline for your Highnote presentation.

It will also ask if you want to create a Highnote presentation using the outline it presented.

4) If you want to proceed, simply type in yes and give Highnote a few minutes to create your draft.

5) Next, the AI Coach will give you a link to your new draft. Click on the link and a new presentation will open in another window.

Your new Highnote presentation draft is done!

Remember that Highnote AI Coach creates the presentation for you, but you still need to fill it in with the appropriate links and relevant information based on the draft.

Also, please note that AI is still in its early stages, so ensure you double-check all AI-generated information for accuracy.

Use the Highnote AI Coach to generate winning presentations in only a few minutes. Use the generated drafts as is or as a guide, whichever suits your needs best.

If you need more help, we're ready to assist you in any way we can. Contact us by clicking on the button below.

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